Saturday, July 29, 2006

Good Lord......Am I black???

Theres so much we have done in the past few years as black americans, but we still regard each other as either low class/ beneath us or high class/ worthy. When will this end? When will we be able to band together and destroy the tyranny that holds us to the matrix of self doubt we are in? You higher blacks are worthy to take the blame too! You can help us all by merging your wealth into a stronghold to destroy the need of outer resources, but you won't! therefore blood is on your hands as well!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bob Stencil at Comic Con


Monday, July 03, 2006

Come on 4th!

Yea so I'm chillin' here at my pad in downtown DC ready for the 4th of July holiday tommorrow. Bar-B-Q's, booty shorts, and plenty of fireworks as far as the eye can see! Thats how we do! I wish my fuckin' landlord would fix the AC tho. Daaaaaamn! they weren't kiddin' when the talked about global warming! Can anybody else feel the humidity? Theres a Twilight Zone marathon on TV, they're playing that "How to serve man" episode, pretty classic. Rod Serling is one of my favorite writers. Between this time and next I have to work on SandPaper 2 and this Ninja Girl book I'm doing for a client. If I can get this done before Fall I'll be a happy camper, hopefully it'll be alot cooler then.