Thursday, December 29, 2005

Return of the Papers

I'm back finally to posting up on my blog, things have been pretty hectic lately.I finally got a review on my comics by my homie Shawn Hoke ( He had some good things to say, but I still need to polish my art style. Which I have spent alot of extra time doing so! I'm Working on Blackdayz #! Breakz Magazine #! Mangabeast Illustrated #1 and SandPaper #2. Sounds like alot but I work pretty quickly, plus its a seasonal deal for me so I have plenty of time. I got a reply from Rick Altergott (The creator of Doofus) he loved my site and was interested in my work. Thats the best news I heard in a while. If I stay positive I could rectify my early mistakes in my comics, pay attention to detail, and keep the reader sucked in, I should be able to have a product that reflects ME as an artist! Imma work hard and try to do this! My future comics starting with Blackdayz will be a force to reckon with. Thats whats up!