Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Post Valentines Day Massacre

With so much love going around in the world these days, every day seems like Valentines Day.

The last statement must be read with sarcasm.

I'm sitting at my job right now doing overtime, thinking bout the first thing that old guy thought when Vice President Cheney shot him in the face. Why is this crazy mutherfucker still allowed to be part of the general population? I'm getting over a cold thats causing to feel like my lungs are about to spill out my mouth. I really shouldn't smoke. I'm trying to finish some books for APE and SPACE, almost done. I spend too much needless time at this fucking job. It was so damn hard today, all the equipment was busted as always, nothing worked easily. i'm tired of putting in alot for nuthin'! Gimmie the good ol' easy way out! I need a break! I should stop complaining, but isn't that what a blog is for? For complaining? I think so. I saw this show last night called "#1 Single" on the E channel. It was another blan reality show, but it had Lisa Loeb in it looking for a date, or significant other.
I always thought of her as a cool person, I didn't really think she gave a fuck about relationships much. She just shouldn't give a fuck. Makes life a little easier. Maybe they should just hook her up with a black guy. Shit, the damn printer needs more paper...

I shoulda been home by now.