Monday, July 03, 2006

Come on 4th!

Yea so I'm chillin' here at my pad in downtown DC ready for the 4th of July holiday tommorrow. Bar-B-Q's, booty shorts, and plenty of fireworks as far as the eye can see! Thats how we do! I wish my fuckin' landlord would fix the AC tho. Daaaaaamn! they weren't kiddin' when the talked about global warming! Can anybody else feel the humidity? Theres a Twilight Zone marathon on TV, they're playing that "How to serve man" episode, pretty classic. Rod Serling is one of my favorite writers. Between this time and next I have to work on SandPaper 2 and this Ninja Girl book I'm doing for a client. If I can get this done before Fall I'll be a happy camper, hopefully it'll be alot cooler then.


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