Friday, January 13, 2006

Your Brother The Outcast

Dear Mainstream American Citizens,

I did it.

I’m the one.

I’m the guy putting stickers all over your expensive property. I’m the guy smelling of cigarettes and cheap liquor. I’m the dude dropping off all those free comics at your local bar or café despite reactions. I’m the guy staring into your girls eyes then her ass as she walks by. I’m the pusher, the doper, the hipster, the low-life, the hooligan, the drunk, the self loather, the self abuser, the nigga, and to some the nigger that slips into your consciousness through the element of artistic anarchy. I rebuke all governmental ideologies due to your failure to be fair to your fellow women and men. Your comfortable reality has been replaced. I will devote my time to artistically twisting your social well being. I have spent 18 years meditating, 3 years perfecting, 3years understanding, and 1 year planning. I don’t fit in nor belong in your society. I continue to be shunned but still driven. One day you will wake up and I will be on your television. I will be live and streaming on your browser. My works will be placed in all areas of your local shops, clubs, and bars. I will speak the truth and draw through imagination. One day I will get to travel and manipulate other realities but for now, I’m needed here. The underground is my home, society is my inspiration, and vices are my fuel.

I’m the one.


Your Brother, The Outcast


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