Wednesday, April 13, 2005

16 tons and what do you get?

I like my boss, I really do.

He's done alot for me, and has helped me alot in what I want to accomplish in life.

But hes just has a tendency to take advantage of a person in the position he's in. I do alot of work for one person in a two-man operation that should be run by four people, with the amount of customers we get daily. Sure he can compare me to other workers that he had had in the past, and say I'm slow. But those workers never stayed long with him. And those aren't dealing with the wear and tear of the shop I'm in. I wanna help the guy I really do, but he has ta learn cut me some slack! i'm only one fucking man!

I hate this fuckin classed society of employee and employer in which the worker is used as a machine rather than thought of as a human with limits. Fuck, even machines have limits! if you push them too hard they'll break down.

A little compassion for workers are needed, even more so fair wages are needed.
A normal customer service worker is actually paid, way less than they're actually worth, especially if you count the work load that they carry. Why do you think supermarket cashiers act so pissed off when they see 5 more people get in line, or the Kinkos worker doesn't want to show you how to use the copier because your the 30th person who asked today, or the bank teller could give a fuck less about how fast she handed you your money. ok I know what your thinking. if you don't like what your doing then don't do it. Incoming newsflash. You-have-to-do-something-to-survive. The world isn't rosey clear and beautiful especially in the United States. Colleges are businesses and Grants and scholarships are hard to come by, especially if you factor in the shitty school systems in this country anyway. low experience workers are doomed to these small shit hole jobs,even if they're paying they're way through school to get higher wages eventually.

The most who suffer unfortunately seem to be minority youths in these huge industrial cities who are raised by low income single parents, who are smart yet depressed, or stupid and careless.

maybe thats the way the government wants it. After all if everyone could have good wages, and be what they want to be, we wouldn't have cashiers and clerks.

Guess I can't really blame my boss, he just wants to get more for less, and who can blame him he's just following american tradition.