Monday, January 09, 2006


Ok so i've inked Blackdayz #1 and its in the process of being lettered and cleaned up. The problem I have with inking is not the preciseness of it, but the paying attention to your work while trying to ignore outside distractions. I'm easily distracted.In a world like ours, anyone can easily be distracted from doing something that they enjoy doing, to doing something else that may or may not benefit them. Within the past year I have tried to take less time from comics, to doing more design work, maybe even get a freelance gig. I was trying to get out of a go nowhere job situation, and an even more go nowhere family situation. Sleeping on a couch in a 1 bedroom apartment with my moms isn’t exactly how I pictured my life at 24 better yet 25! None the less it could be worse, hell of a lot worse. I guess building a graphic design portfolio isn’t as much as a negative distraction as it is a necessary one. On the other side I’m finishing inking “Midnight Oil” , its something yall will enjoy, alot of political realism in that one. And its gonna be free!! no doubt! a a post christmas present from JTW fo’ real. But imma try to get some design jobs, finish these books for the spring, and hitting these conventions when I can, now those are positive distractions. I have some music distractions that I’ve been
breakin’ down to! Check them out:

MF Doom & Dangermouse: Dangerdoom
RJD2: Dead Ringer
Aesop Rock: Labor Days
Album Leaf: In A Safe Place
Daedalus: Exquisite Corpse



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