Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Death of APE and SPACE

I'm finally back after a hiatus of work. My last entry was valentines day or some shit. But unfortunately things fell through for both my expos i wanted to go to. I got alot of back rent I gotta pay, so I gotta focus on that shit. i finished Black dayz and MangaBeast Illustrated tho. Sandpaper 2 should be on the way, and Black Dayz 2. I ended up tearing up a little today over some dumb shit my mom said. She is still my mom but she says alot of insensetive dumb shit. I wanted to walk her to the metro, and she laid into me about new clothes. She complains about me not wanting to hang around her cuz I'm so busy, but at the same time she doesn't wanna be seen with me. The things she says sometimes gets under my skin. Its gonna be a long time before I'm able to look in my photo album again. But all bullshit aside I'm working on doing some good stuff. The years still young and so am I.